Company Description

Iron Gate Management, Inc. ("IGM") is a New York based management firm specializing in new artist development and management. IGM develops, markets and accelerates the careers of our artists by pursuing multi-media deals with major brands and labels. We service clients in all music genres, specializing in R&B, HipHop, and Pop. IGM has strong business relationships within the music industry, so we're constantly launching new careers.

Corporate Objectives

Iron Gate Management, Inc. capitalizes on the ever-expanding entertainment market. Currently, IGM manages, markets and promotes artists on a national level with the ultimate objective of international exposure. At IGM we strive to surpass our clients' expectations, through proactive and creative approaches.

Marketing & Promotion

IGM takes a simple approach to marketing by cost effectively infusing artists into the target market through various means of promotion. IGM achieves this by utilizing the following tools: publicity, advertising, radio promotion, broadcast music videos, touring, internet, club promotions etc.

Management Team

Iron Gate Management, Inc. is continuously expanding and developing new and diverse ways to further our clients' careers. IGM's highly experienced and talented management team is dedicated to providing only the highest level of personalized service.